May 142020
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This is the solo project of Jamie Whitby-Coles, Ex-Gloucestershire pro cricketer, “Lieutenant Wesson” from Bollywood blockbuster Lagaan and more recently drummer with This Is The Kit, The Liftmen, Rozi Plain.

The album began in 2001 from field recordings: wild-life, answerphone messages, songs from the old peoples home where he worked; found-sounds and talking; plus guitar all recorded onto minidisc and looped there and played alongwith. Other instruments and vocals were then gradually added in Garageband.

As the songs progressed various friends were added to the mix including guitar ace Neil Smith, bass master Jim Barr, disco-ordination’s own Jesse d Vernon, and the album was finished in around 2010.

It was released on aug 29th 2020 for international Record Shop Day.

For a little taster of what it might sound like go here..

Dec 062019

release date Feb 28  2020
label – Disco-ordination
cat number DOCD036

Two days in the recording and nearly two years in the finishing we’re proud to present The Fantasy Orchestra’s first album.

This record documents the huge community of talent, love, dedication and positive energy brought about by members of the orchestra and about 160 of them, mostly amateur musicians and singers are on the record!

The tracklist represents  a Fantasy mix of well-known and lesser-known composers such as Bristol-based master guitarists Paul Bradley and Jamie Harrison: who’s song, The Bear, gives the album it’s title. There are tunes composed in the 50’s, 60’s and 70s (Sun Ra, Hendrix, Caetano Veloso); and tunes written since 2010 (Richard Dawson, Disasterpeace).   The track list represents a Fantasy mix of well-known and lesser-known composers such as Bristol-based master guitarists Paul Bradley and Jamie Harrison, whose song, The Bear, gives the album its title.  

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The first session was in Paris on Sat 18th Nov 2017 at Midi Live studio. The next took place on April 15th 2018 at J and J studio in Bristol:

Both sessions feature an almost completely different set of musicians as the orchestra has  branches in Bristol and in Paris

We play hits from round the world and round the genre. We play Bohemian Rhapsody, Moondog, Dance Of The Knights, Mehbooba and Anna Meredith. We get out the glitter, greasepaint, our grooviest garb and make a lot of cacophonous noise …usually fun to see!