Nov 162011

Last year we re-released This Is The Kit’s Krulle Bol on vinyl for record store day. This year (on the 29th aug) we’re doing drummer Jamie’s solo record called B-Fax.

We’ve just released a lockdown single “Superheroes” by Moonflowers and Pop God related band “The New Space Finders” – get it here

Now we’ve released the Fantasy Orchestra record DOLP036 on vinyl and CD on the 28th FEb 2020. If you need it posting go here:

Excited to be releasing and album Jamie Whitby-Coles, drummer extraordinaire of The Liftmen, This Is The Kit, Rozi Plain and many others. His project is called B-Fax and will be out in April 2020 for record store day

  One Response to “What’s Occuring”

  1. ahoy jessie i’ve just done something on the computer that may or may not result in the dispatch of an album – who knows – to TITK’s number one fan who is victoria maggs lately of frome somerset and the woman i live with. what about the cd with you and kate singing old songs to a load of tents? looks dandy. when i find a way of downcastingloadingupsizing that one i will just you watch if i don’t. In the meantime and in the absence of une addresse parisienne this will have to suffice for a christmas card, in fact ten in one. Why don’t you drop by next time yr peddaling through? Would be lovely to see you and the family in Somerset; gigs can be organized, i tell you nothing’s impossible. there’s a throaty old whistle hereabouts and a dusty french clarinet that could be put to good use. And we’ve got two little boys now (hence the aforementioned dust and a lot more wrinkles).
    If this ever gets read it will be a True Miracle.

    Dave Clarinet