May 142020
Gamechanger by the artist Banksy used with permission

Release date fri 15th may 2020
label – Disco-ordination records
format – digital only

This is a special lock-down homage anthem by new band The New Space Finders (AMoonflowers spin off project). The song is dedicated to the superheroes keeping us fed and generally alive.
All proceeds from sales will go to Good Earth Growers
a Cornish organic farming movement.

The two mixes are credited as by The Moonflowers (uk 90’s psychedelic movement) and Otherish which is another new band you’ll be hearing more from very soon which has it’s roots in 90’s record label Pop God and Me band.

you can listen and support here

Superheroes by The New Space Finders

The Moonflowers are currently working on a studio album loosely titled “The Life And Death Of Life And Death” aiming for an early 2021 release