Nov 162011

At present, mainly finding out how to use wordpress. Real news here soonish i hope so.



  One Response to “What’s Occuring”

  1. ahoy jessie i’ve just done something on the computer that may or may not result in the dispatch of an album – who knows – to TITK’s number one fan who is victoria maggs lately of frome somerset and the woman i live with. what about the cd with you and kate singing old songs to a load of tents? looks dandy. when i find a way of downcastingloadingupsizing that one i will just you watch if i don’t. In the meantime and in the absence of une addresse parisienne this will have to suffice for a christmas card, in fact ten in one. Why don’t you drop by next time yr peddaling through? Would be lovely to see you and the family in Somerset; gigs can be organized, i tell you nothing’s impossible. there’s a throaty old whistle hereabouts and a dusty french clarinet that could be put to good use. And we’ve got two little boys now (hence the aforementioned dust and a lot more wrinkles).
    If this ever gets read it will be a True Miracle.

    Dave Clarinet